Welcome to Holyrood Holistic, which aims to deliver confidential, flexible massage appointments, tailored to meet the unique needs of time-starved and overworked professionals in the Edinburgh area.

Whether it be a sore back, stiff shoulders, runners' aches and pains, or sleep problems resulting from stress, a relaxing or invigorating holistic massage can provide relief.

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To book an appointment contact
or ring Gabe Stewart on 07563 557310


What clients say

"I felt more relaxed than I have done in the past with massage. I have often felt worse after massage but after Gabe's I felt completely zonked out. I am a very tense person but I felt completely relaxed and just went to sleep after my massage. It was great."

Fiona Knowles, actress, MsFits Theatre Company

Integrity through intention

"I went to Gabe for a massage as she was recommended by a colleague at work. The muscles on my right shoulder had been really tense and tight for a while and I decided to see if a massage would help. Gabe tailored my massage to my needs and after three visits to her my shoulder is much more mobile. She regularly checks throughout the session that you are happy with the amount of pressure she is using. I will continue going to Gabe as it is such a relaxing experience and I definitely sleep better afterwards."

Lesley Allan, Edinburgh

"Gabe is great! I wasn’t too sure what sort of massage I should be looking for – the choices can be really confusing. Luckily Gabe is a multi-skilled massage therapist. When she’d reviewed my objectives and health needs she suggested a variety of at least four types of massage for the session. After the treatment Gabe identified some of the specific muscle groupings causing issues.

In short - Gabe has the experience and skills to advise on and provide an appropriate variety of massage treatments. You’ll get a mix tailored for you!"

Gareth Davies, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Evening News - Saturday, January 25, 2014